A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement. At Theatre Arts, we believe that ballet is at the core of a solid foundation for well-rounded dancers and therefore an essential component to the serious dancer’s technical progression.


Often done to pop music, jazz is a technical form of an ever-changing popular dance style. Jazz dance is often seen in music videos, musicals, and commercials. In Jazz class we focus on strength, flexibility, leaps, turns, and stylization through warm-ups, progressions, and combinations.


A true American art form, this class focuses on using the dancer’s tap shoes to create percussive and rhythmic sounds while dancing to all types of music.

Broadway Dance

This class is tons of fun! We combine technical dance training with character development each and every week. The class will learn choreography from countless Broadway musicals and have the opportunity to experiment with dancing as a different character each class.


A “melting pot” of today’s dance styles ranging from ballet and jazz, to lyrical or modern. Contemporary class focuses on giving the dancer a wider range of creativity and individual stylization. A strong foundation in classical technique is necessary before approaching this style. Enrollment by teacher approval only.


This is a fun class designed for our youngest students from 18 months to 3 years. It focuses on the beginning stages of body movement along with coordination using different exciting props all done to their favorite nursery rhymes!

Hip Hop

A form of street dance that has evolved as a part of the hip hop culture. The style is ever-changing but essentially embraces the three styles of break dancing, popping, and locking.

Jumps & Turns

This class is a great way of introducing dancers to new jumps and turns while also focusing on mastering the basics.  Enrollment by teacher approval only.


Combining classical ballet and jazz techniques to create a free flowing form of movement while telling a story or delivering a message.

Stretch & Strengthen

This class should be taken in addition to the dancer’s technique classes as a way to enhance all areas of flexibility and strength. Each month the class focuses on strength training a different muscle group through partner exercises and weight stations. We combine the strengthening with innovative stretching techniques utilizing partners and other helpful tools to reach the full potential of each individual’s flexibility.

Musical Theatre

Theatre Arts was the first studio in Oklahoma to create and pioneer musical theatre classes specifically designed for kids. In these classes, students will focus on the fundamentals of singing, dancing and acting. Each class will workshop songs from modern TV musicals and classic musical theatre.


Theatre Arts offers acting classes for students ages 7-18. Each class will look at a variety of techniques, including improvisation, character and script work and much more. If your child is looking for a career in the arts or a great way to build confidence, this will point them in the right direction. Private acting lessons are also available for students of all ages.

By Audition Only:

Dance Company

A dedicated group of dancers selected by audition only that represent the Theatre Arts dance department throughout the year at local area performances and dance conventions & competitions. Auditions are held in the spring. Please contact the studio for any additional information.

Performance Troupe

This singing and dancing troupe provides students with performance opportunities, close friends, and lots of fun! Troupe meets weekly for musical theatre training and rehearsals for appearances. Auditions are held in the spring. Please contact the studio for any additional information.